Wheelie Bar Wrench – the Original 7″


The Wheelie Bar Wrench is designed to increase speed and accuracy of adjusting the wheelie bars on Drag Racing Cars.  These wrenches have an integral ruler to measure wheel height along with a wrenching end to loosen and tighten the wheelie bar jam nut.  Wrenching end available in 3/4”, 15/16”, and 1”. Sizes are color coded for easy recognition.

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Wilkins Wheels and Wrenches was established in 1996 by Sandy Wilkins. Sandy’s mission was to design and build the highest quality parts and tools for the racing marketplace. Fueled by his own desire to win, Wilkins wanted to improve the process of adjusting wheelie bars by inventing and bringing to market the Wheelie Bar Adjusting Wrench. Now throughout the sport those racers who want leading edge components trust Wilkins Wheels and Wrenches