The 4.84 MAX platform

The 4.84 MAX platform is specifically designed for classes requiring a stock bore spacing Maximum power with nitrous oxide.  Only available from Wilkins Racing Engines.
Benefits include the ability to remove the cylinder heads without removal of the intake manifold. All cylinder head to block fasteners are 7/16”diameter and perpendicular to the deck surface, accessible from the valve cover side of the head, creating increased cylinder head gasket clamp load with the proprietary WRE head gasket. Custom one piece rocker stands with integral port plugs allow access to the added cylinder head fasteners that were formally inaccessible from the top of the engine.  Combined with the optional valley tray, the head gasket captures the entire perimeter of the cylinder head sealing all oil without the need for any silicon, making track repairs and routine maintenance much easier.  Intake and exhaust O-Rings optional.

Complete engine, As pictured with fuel injection $95,000.


M1 Head Package – For engines up to 750 cubic inches. EFI compatible. Over 615 cfm at 1.000” intake lift.

M2 Head Package – For 665 – 632 cubic inches. Carburetor and EFI compatible.

M3 Head Package – For 632 – 582 cubic inches.  Will work with standard cast iron and aluminum blocks.

PM Wilkins Racing Engines to place your order