Wheelie Bar Wheel Maxilight 4″


The Maxilight is the lightest wheelie bar wheel on the market.  At only 1.125” wide it is a prefect fit for narrow caster box configurations such as carbon fiber wheelie bars. With our custom spacers they can fit caster boxes as narrow as 1.125” and wide as 1.625”. The unique axle and spacer design eliminates all wheel wobble common with other wheels. It is available in different colors to match your car. The Maxi Light Wheel is 4” in diameter and 1.100” wide without spacers.  Spacers included with each wheel.

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Weight conscious racers who spend countless dollars on gun drilled axles, carbon brakes, and titanium wheelie bars know the importance of decreased unsprung weight. The Wilkins wheel is a maximum weight reduction effort, at only 159 grams, it is the lightest wheelie bar wheel available to date. These wheels use sealed roller bearings that virtually eliminate any wobble found on conventional wheelie bar wheels. 100% CNC machined with exacting tolerances from a high impact new age material, this wheel surpasses all others in quality and looks. Currently available in three eye catching designs: the Magnum, the Star, and the Ultimate. Wheels come complete with bearings and spacers to fit caster box dimensions of 1.125”, 1.250”, 1.500”and 1.625” inch widths. These wheels are the obvious choice for weight conscious races who demand the ultimate in performance.

Previously available only from Jerry Bickel Race Cars, the Wilkins Wheels are also available factory direct from Wilkins Motorsports.