Engine Tools

LSM Racing Valve Lash Torque Wrenches

LSM Racing has the perfect way to adjust your valve lash, with no fear of overtightened or cracked rocker arm jam nuts. Available with a 3/8 in. drive or a custom ordered permanently attached socket pre-welded on. Compatible with all shaft style rocker arms

LSM Rocker Arm adjusting Torque Wrench $199.95.  Comes with 3 T handled Allen wrenches to fit all shaft rocker arm configurations, socket for your particular rocker arms not included.


AN Wrenches

AN Wrenches are the best tool for tightening and loosening AN hose ends.  The WRE AN Wrench set are made specifically for tight spaces and hard to reach hoses.  Double ended and clocked at 15 and 30 degrees these wrenches make the tough jobs easy.  Available in two different sets, -20 to -4  for $219.99, and -16 to -4 for $179.99.