Wilkins Wheels and Wrenches was established in 1996 by Sandy Wilkins.  Sandy’s mission was to design and build the highest quality parts and tools for the racing marketplace.  Fueled by his own desire to win, Wilkins improved the wheelie bar wheel by building the lightest and highest quality wheelie bar wheel on the market.  He also wanted to improve the process of adjusting wheelie bars by inventing and bringing to market the Wheelie Bar Adjusting Wrench.  Now throughout the sport those racers who want leading edge components trust Wilkins Wheels and Wrenches.

New for 2018 , -6 Thru -16 AN Wrench Set

Double ended and canted to access all hard to reach AN fittings.  Especially helpful on those hard to reach oil pump fittings.  Made in the USA from the highest quality aluminum.  Absolutely the best AN wrench set available.  Get your set today for $129.99.

-6 thru -16 AN Wrench Set

Stop by the Wilkins Motorsports Hauler at NHRA events and see our new Trackside Display.